Secret Selector Selections #4: Lewis Colston

Representing the LPC!

When it comes to music, I like to see myself as an open minded and knowledgable guy.

More than most people anyway. But theres just always someone better, isn't there. Someone that really LIKES the stuff you just tolerate. Someone who has a proper section of records in that genre that you just recently discovered.

Way too often, that guy is called Lewis Preston Colston. My man, the music industry fatcat from Playground Records - one of the coolest independent labels in Scandinavia.

Through the years we've bonded over pretty much every genre of music. And had deadly arguments about what's good taste as well. We've had many a selector battle on, back when that was fun. And he always won.

Maybe it's his Detroit heritage.

So it's a great pleasure to introduce the select selectings of Mr. Lewis Preston Colston. Once again, we're in the rockish area.

Punk Beats Metal. Let's see what that means!


Lewis Preston Colston: Punk Beats Metal

Shellac – Dog & Pony Show (“At Action Park”, 1994)

Steve Albini lets it all hang out with the rest of Shellac on their first album. The sheer energy in this song makes me want to break stuff and yell at old people. Albini is king of the crunching guitar. Bow down.


Godflesh – Nihil 1991 (”Cold World EP” 1991)

Birminghams second finest band played their part as pioneers of industrial rock music. Unlike their American and European counterparts, Godflesh starts and ends with Godflesh. No one else even resembles them in any way whatsoever. Justin Broadrick is a god among men.


1000 Homo DJ’s – Supernaut

Yes, it is true that this version surpasses the Black Sabbath original by 11%.

Prick – Communique (“Prick”, 1995)

From one of my absolute favourite albums from the nineties, Kevin McMahon (ie: Prick) had a distinct sound on his debut album, which was both crude, compressed and insanely well executed.

Unfortunately, his later releases can’t hold a candle to this masterpiece. Its somewhere way out there between punk, industrial, and a serious Bowie fetish.


Pailhead – I Will Refuse (“Trait EP”, 1988)

Ministry’s Al Jourgensen takes a minute off from his day job in the late 80’s. Result? Awesome stuff. Whatever happened to the Pailhead project, no one knows.

It all starts and ends here. I miss my skateboard.


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