Secret Selector Selections #7: Das Widell

Get your Air Jordans up on that dance floor!

Das Widell. He may not be the best known DJ. He may not be a DJ at all!

But around eight weeks ago, he was my inspiration for Secret Selector Selections.

He was always sending me these strange old gems. Were not talking “wow, this old thing has a totally up to date sound!” tracks. He's more of a “everyone HATES this style! Imma find the best jams out there!” kind of guy.

When he does play out, he's not the one with all the newest beatport hits in the virtual crate. He's the guy with a punctually planned playlist, made up of only choice hidden gems of times past. Showing his rarities off as a part of the 2-Tru DJ Cru and back in the day as a part of our now de-funked illegal party pack OPP.

I have a secret suspicion that the only reason he doesn't DJ more often is he's afraid someone is going to hear his tracks and start playing them.

Let's see what he found for us. But first, I'll let him set the mood.

It's 1991. Once again, congratulations on your 12th birthday and welcome to New Jack City. Here's the famous bit of troop acapella from the film, that takes us back to the good old days of crack cocaine and the Cash Money Brothers.


If this clip makes you want to pull up the old soundtrack (which you own, of course), play Guy's “New Jack City". One of my personal New Jack Swing evergreens.

Now for the selections:


Years of Motion: Danomes on the Smooth Tip

Time for some hip-house. A piano riff like gold teeth on a smooth peach.

The quality on this video is quite crap. On the other hand, you're among the 30-first people listening.

You probably know all the different samples. But do you know DJ Danny and is cousin Inhouse Chris? They recorded this one in their grandmamas basement.

We're comming up to 1:00. Right around the time Danome Cooper kicks in:

I know what you're thinking. Who could this be? A honey on the M-I-C? Well you're wrong, 'cause I got it goin' on. This jam is dope!

See, good olde Danome is a real rock star!

“Peace to the DJ Danny and his cousin Inhouse Chris”

New Horizons: Find the Path (In Your Mind) (Sweet Release Mix)

This track isn't really that secret. You probably already know it. I just threw it in for the one simple reason that it contains the worlds sexyest breakdown at 1:09.

If you know a better breakdown, I want to hear it.

That's a challenge.

SoundFactory: Understand This Groove

We're on our way! One of the biggest (but of course extremely secret ;) ) club hits in the early '90s.

It was in the hit lists all the way over in the US. And it fits quite snugly in this list too. Solid rave piano and an eminent drum arrangement.

DJ Hot Rock: ???

Hasn't it been a while since the last time you heard jungle? Be honest.

I've got a little jewel for you here. But this isn't just jungle. It's an enourmous jungle symphony of synchopated drums, sirens, splash cymbals, eurodance, monkey sounds, bass horns and movie quotes.

Pushing forward into the heart of darkness like a steamboat on the rivers of Congo.

Tyree: Video Crash (Bonus A-Ca-Beat)

Ok, I know I cheated a bit with that introductory selection. But can't I have just one more?

Since the first time I heard Green Velvets Preacherman, I've been a sucker for Chicago house records with preaching, panting or shouting.

Sweet Jesus, thank you lord for B-sides.

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