Secret Selector Selections #9: Mike Sheridan

The soundtrack of the life of a 20 year old virtuoso

Mike is one of the most talented, original and visionary musicians I know. We met on interwebs, after starting a correspondence when he was just 13. I gave him some feedback on his tracks. "Find your own sound" I think I said.

In hindsight, that advice probably wasn't all that necessary.

Two years later, we met for the first time when he booked me at his clubnight. Every other Sunday in this basement in central Copenhagen, he held Klub Knas.

Seriously, who has a clubnight when they still legally need their parents to follow along? He always forgot to book DJs, so I came down pretty much every other Sunday and had a little spin with him.

Mike was just learning how to DJ. But from the first time I saw him mess around with a CD player, it was pretty clear that the kid has this special talent for transforming anything that can make a sound into music.

One might call him a musical Harry Potter!

It's been less than five years since then. But in that time, Mike has evolved from being a dub techno wonderkid to being one of the most talented, progressive and original Danish musicians, spanning between electronic, and classical instruments, between underground techno and commercial soundscaping, between the experimental avant garde and the commercial mainstream.

Whether he's routing cables on his modular system, manipulating field recordings or playing on some of the most rare and expensive classical instruments in Denmark, Mike still has that special talent: Transforming anything that makes a sound into beautiful music.

Let's take a trip into his inspirations and way of understanding sound.


Mike Sheridan: The pretentious moi red wine avant garde connesseiuoer selection

Actress: Hubble

I know that some think Actress is overhyped being Wire's record of the year 2010 etc. This one stuck with me from that record. Love the sound of it, very raw, very digital consistent and it sounds spontaneously recorded.

I like that the tempo is a bit higher, the overall groove and melody is not too much almost too little, and that it's such good taste.

Like an endless loop with small variations i think that this is a halfbreed between Jeff Mills futuristic movements, and the post dubstep era. A beautiful fusion.

Cliff Martinez: First Sleep

Cliff Martinez is a favorite movie composer of mine. He plays steel drums and cristal baschet, and right now his music for "Drive" seems like the relevant subject to discuss.

However i chose an old pearl from his "Solaris" soundtrack. T.O.M. played me this one YEARS ago, and it stuck with me as one of the things i remember from starting out on this scene.

The revelation of new music. This reminds med that there is always something new to discover.

Jóhann Jóhannsson: Escape

Johann Johansson is ALSO a movie composer.

Last time i visited Iceland i was tipped to go to the 12 Tonar record shop. I said that i enjoyed newer works by Scott Walker (Tilt, The Drift), and Max Richter quite a lot and the pusher behind the counter stuck me this record and pointed to the "new composition, modern classical" selection.

I listened to this and i was fascinated by how deep and utterly DARK acoustic instruments could sound.

Later on i have discovered the american and french avant gardes sound experiments, read about orchestration and a new world of acoustic sounds has revealed itself.  This record is some of the most beautiful i have heard in a LONG time.

Also listen to "Theme".

Steve Reich: Music For A Large Ensemble

Something that fascinates me with music, especially modern classical is the method used to compose. Steve Reich discovered phasing by accident, and he composes with loops. Not on a computer, but with notation.

All of his different elements jump back and fourth between harmonies and generate patterns. Of course he is a drummer as well, and the way all of his instrumentation plays is so rhythmically addicting. You get used to it, and you disappear into it.

Forgetting time and space is sometimes wonderful, and this piece always reminds me of both autumn and spring. It simply sounds like life to me.

Scott Walker: Scope J

So lets jump back into some wicked, dark, twisted and horrifying.

Meet Ute Lemper, and listen to a piece Scott Walker has made for her.

Walker is someone everyone needs to hear. His records Tilt and The Drift has changed a lot for me. It is just horrifyingly beautiful music. A friend of mine once told me that it sounded like the whole soul just soars.

I chose this because of the length and because of the different passages in the music. Notice how it starts and how it gets back to that.

That's all for me, thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed listening!


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