Secret Selector Selections #13: Inspectah Scratch

Shake it shake it, work it work it

Secret Selector Selections is all about letting DJ's and musicians show a different, strange and rare side to their musical repertoire.

With Inspectah though, I was hoping he would stick to his old niche: ghetto tech. A wise choice since ghetto tech as a DJ'ing style is all about finding stoopid tracks, pitching and cutting them up and generally just being as retarded with your wax as you can.

Inspectah was and is Denmark's most retarded when it comes to playing those high tempo booty shakin' ho dissing tracks.

I first met Inspector Scratch in 2004 I think.

We were both playing at an event called Urbanical (big up Rasmus Hjælm!) I was surprised to experience how mild mannered, nice and generally a good guy he is. We're talkin the guy specializing in tracks that go "stankin' ass bitches, y'all need to wash up, don't act mad when I don't wanna fuck, you need soap and water, soap and water".

A lot of time has passed since that first meet, and Da Inspectah has become a good friend and an eclectic DJ, taking his mad technical skills everywhere to genres ranging from the warehouses of Chicago to the favellas of Rio, the cold German minimalism and back to his roots of dirty funky electro madness Detroit ghetto tech.


DJ Funk: Bitches

DJ Funk is cheeky as a butchers dog. And he's Chicago's skinniest DJ. Here, he's rapping about bitches on a squelchy acidic beat.

DJ Deon: I Got Da Bomb

DJ Deon is a very fat man, who has released a billion records. Most of them are about his dick, some way or another.

On this track, he's singing about his thick dick, and his long tongue.

Notice the gay (happy) Tyrolean bass.

LaRocko Tee: Big Booty Bitch (instrumental)

When you play ghetto tech, you manipulate the music and you have no respect for the tracks you're spinning.

LaRocko Tee was a mediocre rapper from Detroit. Check what happens when you play his instrumental at 45. Wooop! A sleazy funk banger fo da danceflo!

Nasty E: Ride That D_ck

I was pretty happy when I finally succeeded in aquiring this record. I know nothing about it, other than the fact that it's from Mississippi and probably quite rare.

In my opinion, this is the best Miami bass record ever.

The lyrics are cheeky, the bass is deep and the electro samples are brilliant.

Jam Pony Express: Live pt. 1

Jam Pony Express was a crew of extremely silly DJs from Fort Lauderdale. They enjoyed shouting in the mike when they DJ'ed.

This track was a part of every Detroit DJ's set in the middle of the '90s. It's crazy and amazing and I love it.

Get silly!

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