Secret Selector Selections #16: Helmuth Kool

Italo? YOUtalo!

"For the love of music". Many people claim that cliched tag line, but few live it like my man Torsten aka Helmuth Kool.

From the ´90s to the mid ´00s, he worked relentlessly at creating techno and house events in the small city of Århus, putting hours of work and hard earned money in to educating the masses about rave culture. For the love of music.

We met around 2005. From 2006-2008, we were part of an illegal party pack named OPP, putting up dirty techno raves. For the love of music.

A couple of years later, he unfortunately grew a tumor in the spinal area (which he has fought off like the badass he is), which made standing upright an excruciatingly painful task. But he would still do DJ gigs for hours on end. For the love of music.

He even does mainstream gigs, playing longside Denmark's biggest comedic superstar Casper Christensen. Finding all the hidden gems from decades past. Not for the money, but for the love of music.

He's one of the few in it for the long haul, just so stubborn and in love with the beat, he's able to turn it into a living. DJing full time, putting up events and filling the +1,500 person venue Ridehuset once a year for nine days straight with his Present Århus Festival. Respect!

So here he is - Helmuth Kool - one of my best friends serving up a bit of old gems, for the love of music.

Crysalis - I Never Dance


I didn't discover this atomic bomb till recently. Must be one of the best Italo tracks ever.

It's pretty aggressive (sometimes I really miss that with Italo in general) and the hooks are off the hook, even for Italo: Catchy as a beach ball covered in self adhesive tape.

90 seconds into the first play you get the feeling that you've known this track for years. This is what good Italo does for me. Implementing the tune into my memory, like having brain surgery done by the Tyrell Corp.

Crysalis only released two tracks - the amazing I Never Dance in '83 and the solid, but somewhat mediocre Down To Africa two years later.

This video was even grabbed from a RAI broadcast and the singer (who is clearly miming and not all that up to the task of “performing” live) is the only person not to be mentioned in the otherwise extensive credit list.

You get 50 bucks just to sing these lines into this can” – like outta O Brother

A true one hit wonder - just as it should be with Italo. I wonder where this girl is now and what she does? She probably never dances…


Cube 40 - Happy Birthday Techno!

One of my contributions to the ever expanding collection of music on the tube.

While those who ever heard (of) Cube 40 might know this half finish/half turkish multi-pseudunym artist for his distinct, minimalistic “Bad Computa”, which style-wise links to classix such as DBX - Loosing Control or Winx – Don´t Laugh, or as half of the mid '00s underground hit duo Captain Comatose (or perhaps as the electro/house producer Khan) this is the complete opposite.

Absolutely brutal and in a league of its own. No one sounds like this anymore. If you like this, you should go check out Surgeon – Five O.

Paul Johnson – Stop Trippin’

It took way too long to decide which Paul Johnson release I wanted to include in this selection. Reason being that the man has created more bangers than any other Chicago chef I can think of.

It (obviously) ended up with Stop Trippin’, which is a FAST and pounding splatter-house track, with a kind of humming chorus that is just SO hypnotic.

How this man has been able to cause so much dance floor devastation from a wheelchair (due to an accidental gunshot in his shoulder in ’87) is a mystery for me.

Put on a playlist with Stop Trippin’, You Remind Me Of Some Sex, Submerged, Hear The Music, Bump Talking and I Wanna Make You Cum, go to and check his hilarious collection of pics.

Titles like “NEVER Shroom then try to spin!!!” and “Me & Paris kicking it in Miami” should be enough to get you there...


Dario Dell'Aere - Eagles in the night

More Italo and yet a one-hit-wonder of
the kind.

I know Italo has a bad rep today, probably due to numerous hipsters (mis)using the genre for years, as a “funny” twist to their punk/new wave/indie blend. I had my first crush in the early 00s and have recently re-discovered the joy of fooling around on the dancefloor, acting really stupid while loosing dj-bag, gloves, sunglasses, money, braincells, keys etc. once the Italo (and endless skinny bitches) gets in my bloodstream.

It almost feels offensive to put in these very contemporary and seemingly accidental pieces of work, when there are artists like Black Devil Disco Club and Giorgio Moroder who poured out so many quality releases almost a decade before the picks made for this list.

But when it comes to Italo, most of my fave tracks are actually made by one/two hit wonders. It´s part of the charm.

I picked this track, partly because it's still a well kept secret (I got down & dirty with a bartender from Panorama Bar this summer and afterwards she sent me this track, which I didn´t know) and partly because it´s a really great track, worth playing in it’s full 8 minutes glory, due to a solid composition.

I was very tempted to put in Fuckewulf 190 – Gitano instead, but everyone knows that, so this ended up as my second Italo pick for this secret selector.


Marradonna – Out Of My Head

I have numerous Panorama Bar Sundays/Mondays to thank for filling out a lot of blanks
ranging from the late 80s to mid 90s.

It started with tracks like Adonis – No Way Back, Eon – B Cool #1 (8AM mix), In Sync – Storm, Jungle Wonz - The Jungle, Matteo DiMarr - Feel The Drums and so on.

Quickly after discovering those tracks (and many more of their likes) I was re-united with many of the harded edged dance/rave bangers from my junior years.

It took forever to decide whether I was going to put in Ruff Drivers – Don´t Stop, Pizzaman – Trippin’ On Sunshine, Outlander Vamp (Wildcat Remix), Trance Mission – Keep This Party Slammin’, SoundFactory – Understand This Groove (previously picked by Das Widell) or Acen – Trip II The Moon Part 2.

But I think this is the best one for me. This track is a great way to get a quick rest from the 4x4 grid, making it even sweeter when that steady house - or techno - beat punches back in again.


Drexciya – Neon Falls

If you're reading this, it's because Liquido can't ignore my natural charm and curly fries hair, and has let me have as many selections as there are dwarfs in Snow White. I don't blame him.

(Joke's on you, ya' cheeky bastard, I deleted Gala - Freed From Desire, and there's nothing you can do about it! It's just not secret enough for a 7 track secret selection)

Drexciya is one of the musical phenomena connecting most electronic religions. A kind of common denominator in "true" or "noble" music.

I spent half an hour disecting Lardossen Funk, Black Sea, Bang Bang, Positron Island and Bubble Metropolis without really being sure which track could represent SO much great taste.

It came down to Neon Falls, as it's just a great "you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here" track and as such, a good way to round things off.