Secret Selector Selections #19: Rune RK

Legendary Selector Selections

Rune RK aka Enur aka Artificial Funk aka Arti Farti and a number of other aliases. Denmark's house music pride and joy.

He wrote a worthy contestant to Careless Whisper in the "most recognizable sax melodies" category of the history of the universe.

He made one of the first records I bought as a young aspiring house DJ: Together (Skint 2003). A post filter house funky banger with seizure inducing stereo panning.

What else is there to say about a legend? He's an inspiration! Here are some of his own inspirations:


Donald Fagon: I.G.Y. (What a Beautiful World)

Donald Fagen has always been a hero of mine.

I always loved how the productions were spot on. They just sound so amazing.

When you read the cover he would have 3 different drummers playing parts of the kit. For instance 1 guy only playing hi hats. Back then i guess they could afford it.


Blade Runner - Opening Scene

This scene just blew my mind.

I can easily say that this movie and the score changed my life forever. So moody and beautiful, the combination was beyond what i had ever seen, or heard before.


C.O.D.: In The Bottle

In school i figured i was a pretty good break dancer (which I wasn't).

This was the first time i really heard electronic music. The emotional chords on this record kept me wondering for years. What made that sound? How did they make it?

I still drop this record all the time


Talking Heads: Once in a Lifetime

My mom used to love the Talking Heads. She used to paint pictures and listen to this all the time.

This track was the first time i heard a song based around a groove. Basically nothing really happens and it still works. Amazing song to date.


Robert Hood: The Pace

This is the first track i heard that i could define as funky techno.

Before this it was all about European techno in Copenhagen. This introduced me to a completely new sound. Robert Hood's early work still is the biggest influence I've ever had.

This is on his minimal nation album (1st pressing), and the is the blueprint of modern techno in my book.

Did you enjoy these selections? Make sure to check Rune RK's soundcloud, where there's hours of mixes, tracks, edits and bootlegs! Or get down with some more secret selector selections!