Secret Selector Selections #20: Kenneth Sulu

I'm gonna get you high today. Cause it's Friday, you aint got no job, and you aint got shit to do!

First of all: Secret Selector Selections is goin' out on the town tonight! It's gonna be good times at Cocktail Box. Just like on the blog, the only rules are that the music must be amazing and rare. Expect everything and anything from ambient to gabba!

As the genius you are, you've probably gathered that this evening's secret selector will be my buddy Sune Kehlet aka Kenneth Sulu.

He's a long time raver and soundbwoy. The kind of guy that seems to have been around for everything forever, but always a bit in the background.

As one fourth of Denmark's first dubstep club, Below (in a basement below a basement below a club). As a moderator for Engineering sound and giant speakers at bass raves, and lately as a part of the Red Bull sponsored Muldvarp Radio, which I interviewed him about back in August.

He also likes being naked and is notoriously known for his thorough rave and club night reviews.

I met the Sulu warrior in the streets shortly after I had started Secret Selector Selections. He said he had been thinking about doing a selection with the theme: musicals. I said sure, as long as the tracks are great.

What a strange man, I thought.

I would have loved to hear some of his musical tracks though. I guess we'll have to see if he has the balls to select any of that tonight at Cocktail Box. Speaking of which, todays concept is:

Tracks I Used To Love Tripping My Balls Off To In Belgium In The Early Nineties

Linea Alba: Space Travel

This track is the first one I thought of when I decided on the theme for this selction, which is: "Tracks I Used To Love Tripping My Balls Off To In Belgium In The Early Nineties".

It's produced by the almighty Frank De Wulff, whose remix of Human Resource's Dominator is still the best of the lot.

On this one he goes for a much deeper vibe and the way the kick drum changes up the bass pattern when it comes in, still fucks me up more than 20 years later.

Robert Armani: Ambulance

I used to looooooove Robert Armani.

His tracks were always so simple, funky, in your face and had Hip Hop's braggadocious battle mentality to them, without resorting to Gabber's harder-and-faster-than-thou formula.

This little ditty has a happy bouncing bassline and some seriously demented synths up top. Yummy!

Lory D: This Is The Sound Of Rome

Lory D is known for his all-out acid freak outs and some of the most experimental techno ever made.

This is a lot more straight up danceable and all the better for it. The joyously insane bell/triangle sounds at the top, vicious snare and that twisted vocal sample that had me and my mates wondering wether he was really saying: "Diz iz the sound of rave".

Synthadelic: I'm A Secretary

This is just awesomely random, silly and really messes with you if you're jacked up on psychedelics.

Made by Pete Namlook who was a large part of the Ambient movement with his Fax label, and Atom Heart who ended up going all Nu Jazzy with Burnt Friedman.

I recently found it on iTunes and contemplated playing it out sometime soon, but then realised that nobody knows what a typewriter sounds like anymore.

B.W.P. Experiments: Feel House Of E

Aaaaaahhhh… Bonzai Records.

When they first started out, noone could touch this label. They released everything that was good about the Belgian scene, from the sillier jumpstijl precursors to the more deep and serious stuff like this.

B.W.P. Experiments was more of a collective of some of the top Belgian techno producers and DJ's and the line up changed from track to track.

This tune is a beautiful acid trancer, just on the right side of Goa.