Secret Selector Selections #24: Patrick Steen

Deep Deep Deep Deep

Five years ago, Patrick was my girlfriend's friends little brothers friend. A raver kid with a passion for trance music.

Then he moved to Berlin, got into dubstep, moved back to Denmark, started promoting parties and bringing some of the most exiting international acts to our little country with his Vektor clubnight. Deetron, Ben Klock, Scuba and pretty much the whole Berghain/Panorama Bar team. Quite an impressive roster.

As a DJ, he's been through various genres, and last time I heard him was really one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had at a club in a long time. Deep house, Chicago classix and all that.

Paddie is no longer a padawan trancer teen, but a great DJ and promoter. Here he is with a mature selection:

Deep house gems from the 90's

I lived in Berlin in 2009, which was a great year for house and techno in the German capital.

Having been into dubstep – and only dubstep - for a couple of years, I was completely clueless when I first went to Panoramabar, Club der Visionäre and the likes but the 8 months I stayed there really sparked my interest for house music.

After returning to Aarhus (my beautiful but somewhat sleepy hometown), a couple of likeminded friends and I decided to take matters into our own hands. We founded Vektor, a monthly techno and house club, and started bringing DJ’s like Deetron, Levon Vincent, Ben Klock, Scuba, Efdemin, Tama Sumo and Prosumer to a small club called v58.

I’m now living in Copenhagen where I study and spend a lot of time browsing through user stocks on Discogs. Plus, I’m about to become a dad this summer - I can’t wait to play all my favourite records for the kid!

Anyway, here are some of them, handpicked for your listening pleasure - enjoy!

Point Blank – A Game Of Two Halves

This 1996 beauty is one of my all time favourites.

I first heard it in late 2009 on Jan Krügers RA podcast (which is highly recommendable, by the way) and the following months, I spent hours and hours trying to find the track until coincidently stumbled upon it while trawling through YouTube looking for tracks.

Point Blank is one of the pseudonyms used by the British Swag duo that had some badass releases on Jus’ Trax in the 90’ies. Haven’t heard much of their later stuff so I can’t say if it’s as good as their early releases.

The first 6 minutes consist of a relentless stomping beat, haunting moans and metallic percussive elements, not giving the slightest hint of the epic breakdown to come. The drums layers fade out one by one, soaring pads enter and then the bassline drops… Wauw! Leaves me amazed every time.

Eddie ’Flashin’ Fowlkes - Deep Pit (Kenny Larkin remix):

This is one of Kenny Larkins least know tracks but in my opinion one of his best.

The other 3 mixes on the EP are shit but Larkin’s version is out of this world. It’s really simple – it’s basically just a groove and a simple but incredibly deep and beautiful pianoloop.

As with the Point Blank track, I first heard this in a Jan Krüger set.

Paradise Inc. – Deep Thoughts (Shelter Instrumental):

A friend of mine once played the track for me a day we were really hung-over and in my pitiable state. I forgot the name but I never forgot the tune. I eventually rediscovered it by accident in the Rush Hour store in Amsterdam this fall.

It’s produced in New York by to Italian Americans, Anthony Mannino and Ralphie d’Agostino, which might help explain the Balearic vibes that ooze from this 1991 deep house gem.

It has it all: great strings, beautiful keys, a badass bassline, a strong beat – hell, it even has a MIDI xylophone solo.

The other mixes on the EP have vocals but I think the instrumental speaks for itself.

Classic Man – Rapid Winds

’Rapid Winds’ might not be as secret as some of the other tracks in this selection but it definitely still deserves the attention.

Wayne Gardiner who released loads of hit EP’s on labels like Strictly Rhythm in the early 90’ies is also behind this beautiful little piece of music. Classic Man is one of his many pseudonyms – you might also have heard some of Gardiner’s tracks released under aliases such as Logic, Essence and Sound Source.

Released in 1993 on Nervous Records, ’Rapid Winds’ has this dreamy and hazy atmosphere that I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s moody and drowsy-sounding yet the bassline and those dry hi hats really lift it up.

The instrumentation on this track is amazing. Everything fits perfectly together – the way the cheap ass guitar synth, the fat Wurlitzer chords, the xylophone and the sax accompany each other really makes this track one of a kind. Love it!

Round One – I’m Your Brother (Club Version)

I wanted to include a track with vocals so it wasn’t all strings, keys and basslines. I must say that I think that the majority of vocals in much 90’ies deep house usually do more harm than good but this one is something out of the ordinary.

Produced by Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus – in my opinion the best techno act of all time (Basic Channel, Maurizio, Rhythm & Sound) – this bouncy, string-laden beauty is nothing short of a masterpiece.

CeCe Rogers (who did the 1987 megahit ’Someday’ in collaboration with Marshall Jefferson) does the vocals and they fit perfectly. It’s not exactly a subtle track fit for opening slots but drop this in a DJ set at 5 am and I promise you shit will go down.

Also, the b-side contains an excellent remix by Chez Damier and Ron Trent. What an amazing EP!

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