Secret Selector Selections #25: Mikkel Knudsen

Vinyl pusher getting high on his own supply

Music is like food.

Most people stick to what they know. What they grew up with. Some of us enjoy trying new things. A new spice here and a strange fish there. But our diet is pretty stable.

Then there are the people like Mikkel, who can't survive without new, strange and challenging dishes. Fermented ostrich genetals, deep fried baby seals and stuff like that. Metaphorically. I have no idea what Mikkel likes to eat.

I'm trying to say the dude really enjoys great, different and challenging music.

And he's passionate about it. Running his Æter Recordstore and neh-owh label for the sole reason that Copenhagen needs it. Which I think is pretty cool.

I played one of my first live sets outside his shop a hot and amazing summer day last year. I suggest you stop by next time he's hosting an in-store concert. I guarantee two things: you'll have a nice time and you'll get to hear some great music you had no idea you would love.

Until then, here's an appetizer.

A few favourite tracks

Hello music lovers cyberspace. My name is Mikkel. I run a small independent record store called Æter in Jægersborggade, Nørrebro, Copenhagen + I run a label called Neh-Owh Records. I also produce experimental electronic music, I call it Twirly Mist, check it out!

Well this is about presenting a few favourite tracks. Hard to choose, but here are a few I've been listening to lately.

Nobukazu Takemura: Sign

I found this 12" by Nabukazu Takemura a long time ago in the Baden Baden recordstore. Always had a lot of cheap stuff for sale, some of it was pretty awsome.

Those Japanese people always seem to have an interesting take on music, don't they? Some times it seems like music from another planet, but yet nice to listen to. In the west we´re so focused on genres and new trends.

Nice to get a fresh look on things (I guess they are focused on new trends in Japan too, I just don't notice).

Paul Hardcastle & Universal funk: Panic

I found this record at a local recordshop a couple of months ago, and since then I've been really into that old school drum machine sound.

This music is from the mid 80´s when hip-hop and electro really melted together to a superb new urban style. Listen to MIA, Flying Lotus etc. This style still has a lot influence on todays music.

But nice to hear it totally stripped down like this also.

Dj Elephant Power: MC Doux Doute

This guy makes the craziest things on turntables.

Everything he does is quite funky. But I prefer his older more experimental stuff from the No Si, Ni So album. That album is more or less based on sounds from the turntables.

Got to love Dj Elephant Power. This is not his best track, but it´s still good.

Nice to roll the turntables in the wild.

Japan: Ghosts

Back to the early 80's they were really pushing the synth's to the max. Making revolutionary new sounds.

Together with David Sylvians beautiful voice it doesn't get much better, except if you have a heart of stone.

This is a nice mellow song by Japan. They also did some very cool funky stuff, but I love this song and the blurry video.

They started out doing glamrock, but from 79-83 they made a few brilliant albums, before they quit, finishing off with the brilliant live album Exorcising Ghosts.

Thanks to Robert for introducing me to them and other 80's heroes many years ago. They all followed me since.

Lafidki : I'm The Matador And You Are the Basketball Player (preview)

I´ve had the very nice experience of booking this French experimental electronic performer a couple of times. And lately we also collaborated releasing some of his tracks.

I think he really has something going on with his high frequency appitchiator and intense trance-making grooves. A bit like Black Dice or Fuck Buttoms or Animal Collective in the psychedelic mood.

The video follows the atmosphere of the song very nicely. This is a short amputated version of the track ... but it looks good.

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