Liquido Ambient Mix #4: Cinematic Soundscapes

Soundscapes and the cinema of your mind

For me, creating an ambient mix is a personal, somewhat emotional experience.

It demands getting yourself into the mood of primarily sad and sinister sounds to create this emotional narrative.

This time, however, was a bit different. After over two years, what finally inspired me to start on this mix was the opening track, Sunday by Kenny Graham and his Satellites, which Rumpistol had introduced via his Secret Selector Selections.

Every time I heard Sunday, I got these mental images of a smoky cinema projecting an old fashioned car driving through a rainy city in black and white. This distinct film noir feeling, or maybe like David Lynch's Eraserhead.

Where my other ambient mixes had been an attempt at creating emotional narratives, this time I wanted to create a story with mental pictures. Moving from Sunday through the different sounds and moods and the images those sounds create in your mind.


In this way, my mix works a bit like a dream. Like when your sleeping and maybe your feet get cold or you hear something in the outside world, and your mind has to make sense of those inputs and re-write the story you're experiencing.

With each track a new mood or feeling, the pictures in you mind evolve, building a narrative created between you, me and the brilliant composers.

You can use ambient music for a lot of things. As Brian Eno described it, "actively listened to with attention or as easily ignored, depending on the choice of the listener".

I would, however, suggest you at least once try the old fashioned act of having a seat and letting yourself be entertained by nothing but the sounds you hear and the images they create in your mind. You may be surprised what kind of thoughts come out of it.

Liquido ambient mixes - Cinematic Soundscapes, November 2011 by liquido


1: Kenny Graham and his Sattelites - Sunday

2: Hiatus - Shelter

3: Sylvian Chauveau - An Old Friend

4: Clint Mansell - Together we will Live Forever

5: Jóhann Jóhannsson - Fordlandia

6: Hiatus - Veiled

7: The Beatles - She's Leaving Home (Liquidos Ancient Memories Refix)

8: Sylvian Chauveau - Pauvre Simon

9: Clint Mansell - The Last Man

10: Sylvian Chauveau - Vers Les Montagnes

11: From David Lynch: Eraserhead - In Heaven

12: Liquido - Untitled Ambient

13: John Tejada - The Dream

14: Cliff Martinez - Don't Blow It

15: Hiatus - Dawn

16: Sylvian Chauveau - L'approche Du Nuage

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