One for the Hang Overs

Something for your brain

New Year is a time for reflection. A look back at the old and a look towards the new.

But new year is also about partying and drinking way too much champagne, and today is a day for being lazy and stoopid.

For all my hangover peeps, I've trawled through the best of funny, cool and silly things posted on interwebz through 2011, so you can chill out in the comfort of your bed with one eye open and enjoy the absurdity of life.




I found Watsky listening to some hiphop I don't remember. He raps fast like busta and writes surprisingly nice poetry.


100 abandoned houses


Kenny Brooks

This only had around 300 views when I got it in November. I predicted it would hit over 500.000 before December, which it did. With lines like “you guys are cooler than the other side of the pillow” and “black like my mother, but not as beautiful”, how could it not?



R. Kelly: Shut Up!

Straight out of voice surgery Kellz steps out the hospital and sets the record straight with all the haters.

While showing off his superior vocal talent he tells us truths like “every boy, every girl, every child around the world from the '90s until the day was made off me”.



Awesome people hanging out together


Nyan cat

Beware: awesome, but not for the extreme hangover massive!


Best street art of 2011



Brilliantly sarcastic responses to completely well meaning signs



Abandoned Sovjet Monuments


Beastie Boys: Fight for you Right (Revisited)

This is one of the greatest and funniest things to hit YouTube in 2011. Beastie Boys, Will Ferrell, Frodo … everyone and everything is in this video. Including a funky synth line.


Everything is RAD!



Cry Baby docu

This is a documentary about the Cry Baby (wah wah pedal). It's pretty cool. Especially gthe guys talking from around 24-29 minutes.



Video of hypnosis being used in wrestling - I must warn you, what you're about to see is not legal in international rules. Textbook worm!


Hans Zimmers studio



Fats Waller: This Joint is Jumpin'

This track is all I listened to new years eve 2010/2011.

House parties haven't changed much the last 75 years. I still check my weapons at the door at go straight for the hoggs feet and gin in the kitchen.


Iron and Wine: Walking far from Home

Great hangover music. maybe the only singer/songwriter stuff I like.